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Smart card

We excel in providing innovative systems for the production and personalization of cards and smart cards. More than 100 different standard and customized systems are the core of our portfolio. Our in-house developed and manufactured technologies and materials, latest standards and constant enhancements guarantee highly durable products.

In our smart card sector we develop state-of-the-art systems and technologies for:

  • ID cards for governments (for more information on our ID card solution please click here)
  • Driver’s licenses and vehicle registration cards (for more information on our driver's license & vehicle registration solution please click here)
  • Banking cards for secure transactions
  • Gift and loyalty cards in high-volumes
  • Health cards
  • GSM cards for communication

Mühlbauer provides the technology for the complete production and personalization process depending on the client’s individual demands. We offer the optimized systems for every single process step.
Smart card


Our systems are characterized by best cost-performance ratio, highest quality and proven process know-how. To ensure and expand our technology and market leadership, Mühlbauer continuously invests in innovative products and processes. Our research and development centers with over 400 highly qualified engineers and technicians collaborate closely with customers and research institutions in order to efficiently launch reliable systems in increasingly shorter development and production cycles.