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ID Card Solution


National Identification (ID) is more than a convenience; it is the backbone of a nation, an indispensable tool to identify residents and to ensure electoral participation, educational opportunities, financial services, health and social welfare benefits, as well as economic development. Today’s ID solutions provide people with a better access to public and private services, while giving governments the opportunity to listen and to improve the lives of their citizens.

The role of robust identification systems and their importance to development can’t be overestimated. Reliable identification and verification of documents and people is the key to security, to public and social services, and to public and private communication.


Security, Individuality & Flexibility

We believe that it is vital to provide citizens with cost-effective but robust identity credentials. You are therefore in need of a partner who recognizes the requirements, potentials and challenges of 21st century ID systems, who creates trust and at the same time offers you the individuality and flexibility you need.

As the only solution provider worldwide we can offer you the complete portfolio of technologies, processes and materials recently on the market. Our great advantage is that we don’t have to purchase any technologies and integrate them in a complete solution. Due to the hardware and software components all being developed and manufactured in-house, our solutions are not hindered by delays, caused by interface problems or missing compatibility. We ensure the effective and efficient implementation of our interdependent systems – both across public and private sector level – thus driving the technology costs down and enhancing service delivery across boundaries. We are no system-integrator but consider ourselves as a complete solution provider from one source.

Since we are not limited to any technologies, we are at liberty to offer you the solution perfectly tailored to your demand. We focus on finding the ideal solution for you and your requirements. Our flexibility enables us to implement the solution within shortest time. We deliver everything you need, when you need it.


Individual Solution Components

Our specialists work closely with you right from the beginning and consult you regarding all aspects of the solution:

From the single product to the complete solution – we are your partner until the projects ends and beyond.


Nothing is as constant as change

In order to keep the standard of providing you with a state-of-the-art portfolio, we are continuously working on improving the existing technologies and security features, as well as on the development of new, innovative solutions. We are therefore not only monitoring the market developments but keep in close dialogue with our customers, to be able to determine the individual demands. We consider it our central task to create secure and reliable ID solutions with documents for the long term, and be always a few steps ahead of any counterfeiting attempts.