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Driver's License & Vehicle Registration Solution


A significant part of national identification and security is a functioning traffic control network. It is our understanding, that the structure and the architecture of driver’s license and vehicle registration solutions are essential for the thorough supervision and control of driving permits and vehicles liable to registration, as well as the support of law enforcement. We are moreover taking into consideration, that driver’s licenses are more and more evolving into ID documents, assuming their functions and providing sufficiently legal identification.


Complete Solutions for Supervisory Authorities

We see ourselves as your partners with the aim of understanding your demands and developing the individual solution which optimally supports your supervisory authorities in their daily business. We implement your complete solution fast and efficiently in the traffic infrastructure by making use of our considerable expertise in the fields of document development, document verification as well as border management.

Including smart card and RFID technologies, as well as data management systems into our individualized solutions enables an increase in efficiency during verification. This is an advantage especially with regard to comprehensive traffic control in high volumes.

Throughout the whole course of the project, our specialists accompany you and consult you regarding each components of your solution:


Comprehensive Technology Portfolio

Our great advantage is that we are the only solution provider worldwide who offers you the complete portfolio of technologies recently on the market. While other suppliers are obliged to purchase single components and laboriously integrate them, our in-house developed hardware and software components are already perfectly harmonized. Thus you gain utmost speed and flexibility during the implementation, which is not hindered by interface problems or missing compatibility. Moreover we are not limited to any technologies and are therefore most flexible in the combination of your solution components.