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Document Verification Solution

Document Verification Solution




Providing high secure documents is an essential part of counteracting worldwide threats of criminality and terrorism. The positive identification of persons by means of these documents – and therefore the confirmation of the document validity – is crucial:

  • National security e.g. at border crossings, mobile police controls
  • Legal security e.g. at public authorities, for bank transactions

We therefore offer individual and modular solutions for the reliable verification of documents during:

  • Issuance of documents to the respective holder
  • Border and police controls
  • Access controls


Secure Document Issuance

After finalization and personalization of the documents with the applicants’ data, they are delivered to the issuance stations. The tracking of the documents is performed by the software-based local storage management.

The issuance station serves for handing over the personalized document to the final holder. The workflow includes the flowing essential steps:

  • Preview of application data
  • Person verification
  • Withdrawal of the old document, if applicable
  • Document handover
  • Setting a result (e.g. issued, data error etc.)


Stationary and Mobile Control

Documents are verified with regard to authenticity and data consistency during border controls (at airports, seaports, rail or ferry control points), as well as along unsecured or lightly secured borders.

Mühlbauer therefore provides hardware and software modules which enable the reliable verification of documents by different levels of security features:

  • Level 1: The security features can be verified without further tools
  • Level 2: (Handheld) devices are needed for verification
  • Level 3: The security features are verified by using forensic testing methods