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Three-Layer Solution Approach


In order to provide the MB IDVERSO® border management solution a three-layered software model has been created, which classifies control and management functions in:

  • Global Level
    The central border management system administrates relevant information for border clearance and integrates external information systems into the clearance process.

  • Local Level
    The local border management systems administrate the structures and information at country border points such as airports, seaports or land borders.

  • Front-End Level
    The border clearance systems aggregate software tools and peripheral devices to perform the verification process.

The three-layer solution approach forms the technical basis to scale all systems according to the capacity requirements and to create a standardized border clearance procedure at country border points. The soft- and hardware systems are created as modular components ensuring highest flexibility in the realization of projects and enabling solution updates due to technical modifications or changes in clearance procedures. The three-layer system structures the data and border clearance applications in a hierarchic format and focuses the solution supervision functions on the central border management system.