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Border Management Solution

MB IDVERSO® (Identificaton & Verification Solution) has been developed to cope with rising traveler volumes and international security threats. Based on a modular software architecture, harmonized border-clearance procedures can be implemented according to individual requirements.


Latest-standard Automated Border Control (ABC) systems contribute to

  •          more efficient border-clearance processes
  •          higher verification standards
  •          significant cost reductions


MB IDVERSO® takes into account international standards, programs, guide-lines and best practices to ensure effective processing, global interoperability and highest security. All systems are compliant with the ICAO standard for machine-readable travel documents (eMRTD, ePassport, eID, eVisa).


Mühlbauer customized solutions range from basic systems such as ABC systems (MB FAST GATE series) to the most complex Integrated Border Management solutions. They include:

  •          1st and 2nd line traveler inspection
  •          Automated Border Control (ABC gate, ABC kiosk)
  •          Transaction Logging
  •          Performance Monitoring
  •          Terminal Control Center (certificate handling)
  •          Mobile verification
  •          Watchlist management
  •          Reporting & Data Analysis
  •          Central Command Center


Interfaces can be provided to:

  •          Interpol (Watchlist, Stolen and Lost Documents)
  •          Schengen Information System (SIS)
  •          Visa Information System (VIS)
  •          Queue management
  •          Domestic document issuance system

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